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Legal Notice

The present legal notice (hereafter Legal Notice) regulates use of the www.madrid-tickets.net portal which the company MADRID EVENTS SERVICES, S.L., with address in the city of Madrid (Spain), C /Canarias, 5,3ºF postal code 28045, provided of the CIF number:B83805820, and inscribed in the Companies House of Madrid, Volume 19441, I Foliate 61, Leaf :M-341131, Inscription 1ª (from now www.madrid-tickets.net). Contact: info@madrid-tickets.net

These General Conditions regulate the proceeding of the services offered in the place web www.madrid-tickets.net that MADRID EVENTS SERVICES S.L. puts to disposition of the user. The use of the place web attributes user's condition, and it supposes the full acceptance and without reservations of the user of everything and each one of the General Conditions. If the user is not agree with the General Conditions, he won't be entitled to use the place web www.madrid-tickets.net. The signing up/contacting for the user of the products and services offered by MADRID EVENTS SERVICES S.L. it presupposes the acceptance of the present General Conditions. THE USER should carefully read this Legal Notice every time they decide to use www.madrid-tickets.net, as it could be subjected to modifications.

Purchase of TICKET PACKAGE using www.madrid-tickets.net implies acceptance of each and every one of the clauses contained in the present legal notice as detailed below:

Contract Terms

A contract is considered valid between www.madrid-tickets.net and the client making the booking when the client has confirmed the requisites sending the form online by e-mail to www.madrid-tickets.net and the latter has accepted this booking.

The purpose of the contract between the users and www.madrid-tickets.net is none other than the booking and delivery of tickets for music, sports or cultural events that are held both in Spain and abroad and where the Ticket Package service in Spain is included.

A non-refundable deposit of 100% of the full cost of the booking must be paid when the booking is accepted. The price paid is the price shown on the website on the date and at the time of the booking and accepted by the client on sending the form online by e-mail. If the payments are not made, the website holder reserves the right to cancel and reassign the bookings without previous notice to the client.

The main object of the place web www.madrid-tickets.net is the sale on line of the "TICKET PACKAGE" that includes the advance booking of an ticket for the event and with the category chosen by the user among the options offered by www.madrid-tickets.net, in the place web www.madrid-tickets.net, one Madrid guide, one souvenir and the delivery of the "TICKET PACKAGE" in Spain.

www.madrid-tickets.net is a Spanish commercial company, not related to any civic institution, football team or official website. www.madrid-tickets.net is in no way affiliated with any official organizer, venue or box office.

Please kindly bear in mind that Spanish Football teams occasionally change Sunday matches to the day before.Also, matches scheduled for a Wednesday may be moved to Tuesday or Thursday.You should check on arrival that the game has not been rescheduled to the night before. The change of the match of the Sunday to Saturday, Wednesday to Tuesday or Thursday and will not give rise to the refund of the Ticket Package.

Typically the price charged for a Ticket Package is substantially over ticket face value. www.madrid-tickets.net is in no way affiliated with any official organizer, venue or box office. Our prices are much higher than the nominal value of the tickets. When the client makes a booking, he/she is explicitly accepting the difference in price over the face value of the ticket, due to the changes in supply and demand, the level of difficulty in and cost of obtaining it and, most importantly, the cost involved in sending and delivering the tickets on time to the agreed addresses.

The website holder informs the users and clients that the price charged is much more than the face value price of the ticket, a situation that the client or user accepts. The attainment of the tickets for big events is a very difficult and costly process and even more so when the venue has sold out. For this reason, obtaining tickets incurs large expenses for the website holders which are reflected in the price that the client must pay.

All sales are definitive. Once sold, the Ticket Packages cannot be returned or cancelled.

Changes, cancellations or refunds will not be accepted, once the booking has been accepted by the website holder.

Tickets packages are subject to availability.

If, for any reason, the event is cancelled by the organisers and the client wants a refund, only the face value of the ticket will be refunded.

If an event is postponed or an event venue is changed, the ticket shall be valid for the rescheduled event date and/or new event venue, irrespective of the grounds for such postponement or change of venue. Exchanging or returning tickets shall be prohibited.

www.madrid-tickets.net acts as intermediary in your name before real suppliers of the services. Although we try to pass on any claim that you have, our liability to you will be restricted to the policy of the supplier and will be limited to the service and quantity billed.

Owing to the nature of our work, ticket package can be supplied on the same day as the event.

Weather conditions could affect travel to or from the place of the match, or lead to the cancellation or postponement of the same. These circumstances are beyond the control of www.madrid-tickets.net and therefore the cost of tickets cancelled for such reasons shall not be returned.

www.madrid-tickets.net accepts no responsibility for damage, delay, cancellations or inaccessibility of public or private transport for uncontrollable external causes such as flooding, fire, war activity, revolutions or any other circumstance beyond the control of www.madrid-tickets.net.

If the tickets required by the client cannot be obtained, www.madrid-tickets.net reserves the right to obtain instead tickets belonging to the immediately higher or lower category (with the consequent return of the proportional cost) depending on availability, or to cancel the purchase order with no further obligation than the return of the cost paid.

In the case of buying more than one ticket for the same event of any kind whatsoever, the website holder cannot guarantee that the tickets will be together, although the website holder will always try and make every effort to ensure that the tickets are together or as close together as possible.

www.madrid-tickets.net reserves for itself the right of modify unilaterally and in any moment, without previous notice, the presentation or configuration of the place web, as well as the products, services, General and Particular Conditions. These modifications will be to improve the user's services, according to the market tendencies.

MADRID EVENTS SERVICES S.L. reserves for itself the right of refusing the access to the page web www.madrid-tickets.net, in any moment and without necessity of previous warning to those users that do not observe these General Conditions, the Particular Conditions or the Conditions Particular of Contracting that are of application in each moment.

In accordance with the terms and conditions of this legal notice, along with the General Contracting Conditions, www.madrid-tickets.net reserves the unilateral right to temporarily suspend or definitively terminate the provision of services through the Portal, as well as temporarily or definitively suspending the services of the portal www.madrid-tickets.net


The website holder does not install cookies of any kind whatsoever.

Copyright and patent rights

www.madrid-tickets.net is the owner, in totality, of the domain and the Portal www.madrid-tickets.net, including without exception, its design, structure and distribution, response to consultations made by users, texts and contents, logos, buttons, images, pictures, source code, as well as copyright and patent rights, and any other distinctive signs, belong to www.madrid-tickets.net or, in given cases, the people and companies that appear as the authors or www.madrid-tickets.net owners to the rights. Violation of the aforementioned rights shall be dealt with in accordance with present legislation. Reproduction, or the total or partial exploitation, by any means, of the content of the www.madrid-tickets.net website for uses other than the legitimate information and contracting by users of the offered services is strictly forbidden.

www.madrid-tickets.net accepts no responsibility in any respect for copyright and patent rights belonging to third parties that are infringed by a third party or user.

www.madrid-tickets.net doesn't grant any license or authorisation of use of any class on their rights of ownership intellectual and industrial or about any other property or right related with the page web, and the offered services.

Privacy Policy

The information provided by users on this site will be added to a file belonging to the MADRID EVENTS SERVICES S.L. (hereafter www.madrid-tickets.net) registered in the General Data Protection Register (Data Protection Agency), with the sole purpose of keeping users informed of activities related to the portal www.madrid-tickets.net.

In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Organic Law 15/1999), all users can exercise the right to object to, access, rectify and cancel the data provided, by writing to the following address:

C/ Canarias 5, 3ºF
28045 Madrid

The user of the www.madrid-tickets.net portal, after supplying his or her personal details via the order form or e-mail message and accepting its sending, is authorizing www.madrid-tickets.net to process and incorporate the personal details sent in its own file for management, administration and control of the contractual relationship, study and improvement of said services, and for sending information about the products and services and the offers and advantages that www.madrid-tickets.net offers its users.

www.madrid-tickets.net has established the legally required levels of personal data protection and installed all the technical means and measures at its disposal to prevent the loss, incorrect use, alteration, unauthorised access and theft of the data provided. Nevertheless, users must be aware that security is not impregnable on the Internet.

As a general rule, www.madrid-tickets.net will not inform other companies or organisations of the data provided by users. Nevertheless, if this is absolutely necessary for the www.madrid-tickets.net,or any of the other services on the portal to provide a certain service, users will be informed in advance so that they can express their objections. Users are in no way under the obligation to provide their consent to data transfers or communications.

www.madrid-tickets.net reserves the right to modify the present policy after informing users of changes produced in it through this notice.